Mc2 mochi secureThis game is huge, there are so many things you can do in this game that i don’t know where to start with writing. Mechanical Commando 2 is the game where you fight against villains, you are soldier inside the robot, mechwarrior. You need to use your armor to defend and use your mega powerful weapons to destroy terrorists and they town. But be careful terrorists are strong and have strong weapons as well. After each mission you will receive cash and this cash you can spend on upgrading your robot, buy weapons, armor and stuff you need to kill your enemies easier. Spend your money wisely because if you dont you will have hard time in game.

Game have decent graphic and fighting scenes are pretty realistic for flash game. Game play is best positive feedback in this game and i m sure you will have lots of fun.
Game is played with keyboard and mouse, use mouse to aim your enemies and click to shoot them down. For moving you need to use arrow keys, there are some special keys but see in game what are they for.

You are warrior in big Mechanical Commando Robot, you need to solve various missions and save the planets of bad villains. This is the game story and i must admit that this story is very good written and you will have good feeling about it in game Good Luck Soldier. If you don’t love Fight Games you can play Flea 2 or Racing Games.

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